“Why did I choose to work at Amon?”

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Why did I choose to work at Amon?
“Hello everyone
It’s teacher Tim here, today i’m gonna talk about myself so you can get to know me abit better
First of all, where am I from? I’m from a country called England, which is very far away. That’s where my amazing family are. I have a beautiful Mum, an brilliant Dad, and a wonderful sister, i also have an incredible neice who is called Ruby, she likes Elsa and Peppa pig. I have a nephew called Archie, he likes spiderman
Why did I choose to work at Amon? I chose to work at Amon kindercare because i understand how important education is for young children, and we have many different fun ways to teach at Amon like play-based learning, story time, math, science experiments, arts and crafts. This makes my job as a teacher very fun
Also the home teachers at Amon are amazing, they are very good with the children and they make my job as the teacher easier
What do i like to do in my free time? In my free time I enjoy going to the gym and exercising, i also enjoy playing computer games with my friends. My favourite thing to do is going travelling and seeing new places with my girlfriend
What do i like to eat? My favourite food is pho tai chin and guay with a green tea, i eat it every day – i love vietnamese food like bun cha and bun dau mam tom. I also love a vietnamese coffee.
I hope you have learned more about me today, thank you listening, good bye ✌?

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