English Festival (4/2019)

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??English is one of the strength of Amon Kindercare. The children have been learning English actively by practical life activities during the lessons everyday. Moreover, the children have chances to participate in a lot of activities such as: Cooking, Arts, Science, Glenn Doman, Montessori and Get Ready Maths.
?All the children are excited to sing English songs, to watch movies, to discuss in English.
⭐️On the occasion of festival, the children have an opportunity to show their English in songs, dramas and dance and MC performance. When finishing the semesters, Amon always focus on level tests for all children.
?So today, Amon Kindercare holds ENGLISH FESTIVAL AMON 2019 in order to step up and improve learning English at classes

Tiny Class Performance

Kinder Class Performance

Story: “The Little Red Hen” by 5-year-old-girl Bao Nhi

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