Amon Kindercare – Glenn Doman For Kids!????????????.

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Glenn Doman For Kids!
Teaching your baby to read will cause your baby’s brain to grow. Brains grow with use just as muscles do. Babies’ brains are developing faster in infancy than they will in later childhood. Since they have a greater ability to adapt based on environment than older children, babies’ brains can possibly learn to read in a more efficient manner if a baby learns early. Children learn language skills faster and easier in infancy so it is easiest to teach them to read as babies than at any other time. Reading is one of the most important skills a parent can teach a child. Reading is fun for babies and toddlers. Learning to read puts them permanently ahead as proven in controlled studies. The window of opportunity for learning reading begins to close by age four. Learning to read influences many other aspects of a child’s life in a positive way.

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